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24 November

Finding the cannabis strain or marijuana strains that work best for you isn’t always an easy task. This is because, in today’s legal markets, there are sometimes thousands of different strains available. These include everything from generally uplifting Sativa varieties to the Indicas that many always attribute to couchlock. Navigating the many different strains on […]

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14 November

It’s widely-known that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in cannabis as well as cannabis edibles. It is also widely-known that this cannabinoid is the reason people experience a psychological high. Less widely-known, however, is what happens to THC in the body, how it works with a persona metabolism, and how that impacts the psychological […]

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03 November

The Australia medical cannabis program is currently only worth around $17 million. You don’t have to go on a walkabout across the Outback to see that this will change substantially. This infographic provides a financial growth guide. One that shows how Australia’s medical cannabis market is poised to grow from a $17 million-dollar to a […]

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22 October

Canadians are showing a trend that shows they love cannabis. From 1990 through 2015, the number of Canadians who have tried cannabis has increased steadily from 296,800 to 695,600. On October 17th of 2018, Canada legalized adult use cannabis across the entire country. When this happened, Canada faced their first-ever cannabis shortage. Dispensaries ran out […]

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13 October

What is the best state to start a cannabis business as well as the worst? Did you know that social media sites enforce a ban on cannabis ads for companies as well as educational promoters? How about the fact that even though public opinion is moving towards acceptance of cannabis only 17 percent of people […]

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06 October

Businesses and customers across the country are gearing up for the legalization of recreational marijuana on October 17. There’s just one problem: most potential customers don’t know where to buy it. A new survey released Monday by Lift & Co. found that 58 percent of Canadians don’t know where to buy recreational marijuana legally. The poll surveyed […]

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