Accomplished business leader with expertise in affiliate marketing, social media, and business development. Highly knowledgeable in search engine optimization, Google Analytic, and Facebook Ads. Created business plans and launched multiple successful businesses. Adept at market analysis and development of creative solutions. Reputation as leading regional authority on search and social media marketing. Planned, launched, and operated many successful Web-based businesses, which involved all aspects of marketing, Web presence, e-commerce, customer service, staff management, and social media.

Ben Neal is a senior editor at Excessively. When he’s not hunched over the keyboard, you’ll find him outside with his family; camping, bike riding or working in the garden.

Ashley Priest is a mother, a wife, a writer and a medical cannabis patient. She has a passion for sharing education surrounding cannabis with the world to help remove the negative stigmas that still surround cannabis in many places today. Ashley is also the Owner of CannaLance, a freelance writing company for the cannabis industry. You can find her work on Expert Joints, on the CannaLance blog and in The Emerald Magazine.