Category: Cannabis Industry

30 November

Long lines standing outside in all types of weather from hot too cold, to rainy are a common occurrence on Black Friday. Usually, these lines go away when stores open their doors. This wasn’t the case in Massachusetts. It wasn’t a Black Friday sale that had long lines of people patiently waiting to get into […]

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28 November

Democratic leaders in New Jersey recently informed the public of a blueprint to a multibillion-dollar legal cannabis industry. One that would create hundreds of millions of dollars from ancillary services as well as substantially increase employment rates. The Democratic leaders have even thrown in provisions that could benefit thousands. Provisions that allow for the deletion […]

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24 November

BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research released a report predicting that cannabis edible sales would increase to 4 billion dollars yearly in Canada and the United States by 2022. It doesn’t take a market expert or industry analyst to see they are probably right. They might have even underestimated it a bit. Cannabis infused edible […]

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